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Mirasys Video Wall

Mirasys Documentation

Benefits of Mirasys Video Wall (AVM)

Mirasys Video Wall is flexible. With room and budget for monitors and DS, you can make it as big as you would like, with future expansion being easy. A singl...

AVM Licensing

The license must be installed on the VMS master server. Controllable values: Amount of Display Servers Maximum of X clients can use Web API Amount of monitor...

AVM Glossary

AVM DS = Agile Virtual Matrix Display Server The monitors are connected to Display servers (max 4 monitors per display server) Normal Mirasys Spotter install...

Spotter AVM OC Plugin

Installed from VMS System manager Each version has its own ToolPluginAvm package

AVM Configuration Flows

Physical configuration flow Windows configuration flow

AVM Operator Console

Go to the Plugins Open AVM Operator Console Click Add virtual monitor Set IP address of the AVM DS to the address field Add the correct amount of the virtual...

AVM Troubleshooting

No connection to the AVM DS Spotter running and logged in at another end? IP address/monitor number correct in the setting? Firewall on? Ports 8084 / other o...

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