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Adding and Removing VMS Servers

You can have (depending on the license) from 1 to unlimited servers in one system.
One server should not belong to more than one Master Server (SMServer).
You can specify a password for each server.
The system will prompt for the password if someone tries to add the server to another system.

To add a server to the system(recording server):

  1. Open the VMS Servers tab 

  2. Click Add VMS Server

  3. The General Settings dialogue box is shown.

  4. Type name for the server

  5. Enter a description, if needed

  6. Type the IP address or DNS name of the server.

  7. Enter the password for the server, if needed

  8. Click OK. The server and the devices connected to it (cameras and audio channels) are added to the list.

    1. Note: If the server is password-protected, the system prompts for the password.

To remove a server from the system:

  1. Select the server that you want to remove.

  2. Click Remove VMS Server 

  3. Click OK to confirm.

Connection status:

If the connection to the server is lost, the System Manager application will automatically try to connect to the server.


When you have added Mirasys VMS as a slave server, please do the following actions:

  1. Change Admin user password using a slave server System Manager

  2. Disable SMServer service from the slave server

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