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Audio Settings

The system supports three basic types of audio components:

  • One-way analogue and IP audio channels: These include mainly camera-based and separate microphones.

  • Two-way IP audio channels: Two-way IP audio channels require an IP camera with an audio input and output channel.

    • Two-way IP audio channels are used for communication between the camera site and a Spotter client.

    • Only one Spotter client can be used for communication at any time, but other clients in the system can listen to the channel and take over the communication if required.

    • All communication that passes through a two-way IP audio channel is recorded in the system.

  • A single audio communication channel: An older communication model. Each system contains one communication channel.

    • The drawback in using the audio communication channel is that the signal bypasses the server, meaning that the communication is not recorded in the system.

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