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VCA features

If the software license includes Video Content Analytics (VCA) functionality, it can be administered on a camera-specific basis on the VCA Features -tab.
Depending on the license, specific VCA functionalities can be enabled or disabled on the tab.
It is possible to control which stream (in a configured camera to use multiple streaming) is used for VCA.
This is achieved from the pull-down menu below the camera selector (see the following mage)

The VCA Features tab

In the primary state, the tab contains the following VCA features:

  • Motion data: Internal VCA motion data, enabling data collection, motion following, and motion highlighting. Visualized in Mirasys Spotter.

  • VCA Core: enables full VCA functionality. Configured through VCA settings in system manager. 

  • Easy LPR: Enables the camera to be used in the Easy LPR Client plugin

Please note that the VCA features are only available if enabled through the license.

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