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Spotter Guide

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Mirasys Spotter is a modern, easy-to-use application for viewing live and recorded video and exporting video clips. Mirasys Spotter can be used to create mul...

Installing Spotter

A spotter is installed with other applications when the standard VMS installer is used. If a user wants to install only the Spotter client, he can use the de...

Starting Spotter and Logging In

A spotter is started by double-clicking the Spotter icon on the desktop. It is also possible to start Spotter automatically when the computer boots up.See mo...

Changing the Spotter language

Click File\Settings 2. Select a correct language from the drop-down list 3. Click Save

Spotter UI

Here you can see an overview of the different Spotter user interface components.

Playback mode

When the playback mode is used, Spotter shows always latest recorded time from those cameras, which the user has selected to the view

Search Tools

The search tab contains multiple search tools: Alarm Search Motion search Person search Text data search Thumbnail search Watchdog Event Search

Layouts Management

Layouts contain all content settings of Spotter and are helpful when the user has perfected a monitoring view and wants to save it for future use. Layouts co...

Device Tabs Management

Only streams of cameras that are on the open tab are sent to the Spotter.Cameras on the "hidden" tabs are not using network bandwidth to the Spotter but will...

PTZ Control and Management

Enabling PTZ Control Open needed camera to the real-time view Open camera toolbar Click Camera and select PTZ control Controlling PTZ camera PTZ camera can b...

Alarm Management

The alarms tab contains below functions: Alarm list behavior Alarm view Alarm popup Alarm search

System Monitoring

System Monitoring contains: Camera Audit Diagnostic Watchdog Event Search

Spotter Settings

Various functions can be accessed from the Settings menu. General Export Storyboard export Alarms Plugins Streaming Video Display Data cache Advanced

Spotter Keyboard Shortcuts

You can activate all devices and access Spotter functions with keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys). When accessing devices, use the numeric keypad; the number row o...

Spotter About Screen

The Spotter About window contains information about the installed plugins and their licenses. Copyrights The contents of this document are provided “as is”, ...

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