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Spotter Web & Mobile Guides

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About Spotter Web

Spotter Web is HTML5 based client application Main features All communication is automatically encrypted PTZ Control Live-view up to 25 cameras Play-back vie...

Network topology

Mirasys Spotter Web installed to the same PC with Mirasys VMS Mirasys Spotter Web installed to the separate PC Mirasys Spotter Web site Mirasys Spotter Web P...


Spotter Web is working only with Enterprise Master server If you want to use Spotter Web, the Master server must be V9.4 or newer! OS limitations If SpotterW...


Open browser Type https://Spotter website computer name/ Enter the username and password Click OK

Spotter Web Desktop UI

Profile Device tree Work Area Playback controls Grid selection Export material Show alarms Fullscreen PTZ control Logout and Settings View management

Opening & closing cameras

Select the amount of the grids or use Automatic Opening cameras Left mouse click top of the camera name in the device tree Selected cameras are opened with t...


Instant playback Select camera or cameras from the device tree Click playback Change the playback speed by clicking the mouse left of the playback buttons or...


From the views, users can select the pre-defined grids to the views

Spotter Web Alarms

The alarm list can be opened from the lower-left corner If there are no active alarms, the icon is GREEN Active Alarms If there are active alarms, the icon i...

Spotter Web Export

Exporting materials Click the Export material icon from the lower right corner Set name for the Export Select items to export Set Start time Set End time Sel...

PTZ Control

Open PTZ camera to the real-time view Click PTZ Control Click Reserve control of XXXX Open PTZ Control Control PTZ camera using arrows Zoom, Focus, Iris Cont...

Spotter Mobile

When the user login using https://Spotter website name/m, then Spotter Web Mobile UI is loaded. This UI is designed for the mobile devices.

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