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Update VMS Servers

It is possible to update all connected VMS Servers remotely via the Update VMS Servers –option
The master server must be upgraded from the Windows Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features\Uninstall or change a program.

❗ Please remember to set the Maintenance state on before upgrading.

  1. Click Maintenance

  2. Select Set maintenance state on

  3. Select the duration of the maintenance mode

Updating VMS servers

To update servers, first, select the installation file with the button:

The list is updated to show which servers can be updated with the selected installation file.

Note: When performing a major version upgrade, for example, from VMS 6. x to 7. x, it is usually necessary to first upgrade the server licenses, and only after this upgrade the VMS software.The Update VMS Servers dialogue will inform the user if a license upgrade is needed before the software update.Next, choose which servers you want to update and if you want to perform a backup before updating.

By selecting this button

you will start the update, and an update progress dialogue is shown:

This dialogue can be closed at any time without affecting the server updates. 


  • The progress dialogue might display no status information for the installation file transfer and update progress if the network connection is slow or intermittent.

    • This is no cause for alarm; in most cases, the update will be successful, but it might take a long time (20 – 30 minutes).

    • It is recommended to prepare for the possibility to have remote access to any such servers.

  • If a local server were selected to be updated, the system manager would automatically close after this dialogue is shown.

  • In rare cases, some servers require system restart after remote VMS software update if the connection between the Master Server and VMS Server is not returning after the update.

    • It is recommended to monitor the connection to VMS Servers after the update.

  • Since Version 7.4.3, Mirasys VMS has had support for 64-bit servers. The upgrade from 32-bit (x86) to 64-bit can be achieved precisely by installing any DVMS version.

    • After the update, the control panel of windows will show DVMS-x64 for 64-bit DVMS.

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